• December 13, 2021 2 min read


    Winter exposes your skin to an environment unlike any other time of the year. In addition to colder temperatures, the humidity in the air drops both indoors and outdoors.  Your skin can easily become dehydrated in these conditions, making it more vulnerable to cracking, wrinkling, sagging, or looking dull.

    Without giving your skin some extra TLC in the winter months, dehydrated or inflamed skin decreases your protection from external pollutants and stressors and can cause longer-lasting effects than just some dry winter skin. 

    Here are a few ways you can keep your skin nourished and maintain that healthy glow through the dull winter months.

    Stay Hydrated

    It should come as no surprise that hydration is first on the list of keeping your skin healthy through winter.  Water is essential to almost every function in your body.  With your skin being your largest and outermost organ, the purifying and hydrating effects of drinking plenty of water will help keep your skin clear, elastic, and plump for a visible outer glow.

    This is particularly necessary in winter when we are battling the external factors of dry forced air heating, or chilly temperatures during the winter months, as well as indulging in more treats of coffee, sugar, or alcohol - all of which have an inflammatory and dehydrating effect on the body.  It’s important to increase your water intake to counteract these effects and flush out any extra toxins within your cells. 

    Give Your System a Boost

    Supplements are like booster packs for our bodies, and our skin could use a little boost when it’s working hard to protect us from a harsher, drier, and colder environment.  Adding a collagen supplement - like our Multi Collagen Powder - to your routine in the winter months helps strengthen the bond between your skin cells and promote new cell growth.  This not only makes your skin more youthful and elastic, but creates a stronger defense against the harsh environment of winter. 

    Layer up With Moisturizers

    The winter season calls for thicker and more insulated coats, so why wouldn’t your skin need extra seasonal protection, too? Moisturizers act as a barrier between the environment and your skin, so in the winter months, a thicker moisturizer can help lock in your existing moisture longer.   

    If your skin already battles dryness and redness, this might mean a heavier moisturizer for the season, or overnight moisturizing masks.  For others, this might mean adding some layers (toners, mists, serums) underneath your existing moisturizer for additional protection.

    Don’t forget to layer your skin products from thinnest to thickest for the best absorption, and avoid alcohol-based products that might dry out your skin even more.

    Neutralize Inflammation

    What we put into our body greatly affects its overall balance.  In addition to giving it the nutrients and supplements it needs to maintain its equilibrium, try to avoid inflammatory foods if you’re seeing any sign of inflammation or irritation in your skin. When you feel your body is imbalanced, give some loving, intentional energy back to yourself and your body with anti-inflammatory foods and mindful practice.