• June 27, 2022 2 min read

    Disconnect from the screen and plug into these four ways to conduct a digital detox

    Whether you’re looking to break the habit of scrolling through your device every free minute with healthy new habits or are looking for a natural recharge that connects you to the analog world again, a digital detox might be just what you’re looking for.

    We find everything on our screens these days, but recent studies like this one show a correlation between higher screen times and lower psychological well-being.

    This makes a regular digital detox vital in the rapidly-expanding world of technology and screens.

    Four Ideas for a Digital Detox

    1.   Digital Detox Weekend

    Rather than springing the cold-turkey approach on yourself, go deviceless for an intentional detox weekend filled with natural rejuvenation.

    Fill your weekend with activities like walks in nature (podcast-free!), a long bath and meditation or buy a hard copy of a book to read the entire weekend.

    By diving deep into being unplugged, you’ll be recharged in a whole new way.

    2.   Scheduled Dark Hours

    For a daily dose of digital detoxing, try scheduled “dark hours.”

    This might mean scheduling a daily “do not disturb” after a certain hour, designating an undistracted reading time or planning family dinner or activities with phones in another room.

    These structured boundaries help curb the urge to look at every notification that’s coming in. Instead, you have the attention to be more intentional in your interactions and activities.

    3.   Mini Meditations

    The average American reaches for their phone once every ten minutes – that’s 96 times a day!

    For those moments you’re reaching for your phone “just because,” try a simple mindful meditation instead.

    This could be a short breathing practice, quick body scan or a brief meditation or mantra.

    This replacement theory method really helps kick old habits and create newer, healthful ones. By using meditation and breathing to replace a draining habit of mindless screen-checking, your body and mind get a natural boost of energy that propels you forward in your day.

    4.   Bedtime Boundaries

    Our phones are often the first thing we see in the morning with a quick scroll to get caught up on what’s happened in the world since we’ve been asleep.

    But this “first on, last off” approach to our devices develops a very strong attachment to them. To digitally detox and get better sleep, try leaving your phone outside the bedroom for the evening.

    Removing your phone from your most restful hours allows you to experience a fully-immersed rest and develop an intentional morning routine before jumping into the digital world.

    Finding the right digital detox for you

    When deciding on which digital detox method is best for you, be mindful of your overall objective. Would you like to be more present in your day to day moments? Are you looking to cut yourself off from screen addiction? Different objectives might call for a different kind of digital detox.

    Whichever digital detox you choose, your mind and body will be appreciative for a break from that little black mirror.